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Australia Operations

Physical Location
North Sydney, Australia
Asia Pacific
Australia Wood Products
PO Box 2122
Suite 3 Level 10, 76 Berry Street
North Sydney, New South Wales, 2060 Australia
(within Australia): 02 9900 6100 (outside Australia): 61 2 9900 6100
About Us
Headquartered in North Sydney, Koppers Australia is a leading diversified manufacturer of quality carbon materials, chemicals and treated wood products vital to a range of industries in Australasia and the Pacific.
Products include the manufacture and distribution of carbon materials and chemicals, treated wood poles, engineering and piling timbers, and landscaping and viticulture products.
Our services include forest assessments and forest management services.
Koppers Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of Koppers Inc. and the only Australian supplier of carbon pitch to the aluminium smelting industry.
Plant Manager
Richard Lyons
Vice President, Koppers Australasian Pty Limited