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Carbon Material Testing

With decades of experience and proven success, the Koppers Global Technology Center offers world-class technical assistance and insight into the safe, cost-effective development of carbon products.

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Services include coal tar product testing, coal tar distillation, and a complete series of pilot-scale anode studies spanning anode mixing, forming, vibrating, baking, and core analysis.

As the global demand for specialty carbon products and services continues to expand into electric-vehicle batteries and other emerging markets, breakthroughs at the Koppers Global Technology Center promise to serve those growing applications.
In addition to technical expertise, our Technology Center researchers utilize state-of-the-art chromatography, microscopy, spectroscopy, and rheology equipment to meet testing and technical assistance needs crucial to the monitoring of our products’ chemical makeup and physical nature.
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Microscopy Services

Through on-site microscopy services and client collaboration, we evaluate raw carbon materials that fulfill customer specifications and quality requirements. The Koppers Global Technology Center provides superior petrographic evaluation and reporting on a variety of carbon materials, including coal, metallurgical coke, petroleum coke, carbon anodes, pitches, and more.

Laboratory carbons

Carbon Anode Testing

Based on sustained statistical evaluation of analytical tests performed on laboratory carbons prepared under precisely controlled conditions, this service compares test material to concurrent control raw materials of known plant performance. Anodes are prepared via a vibration molding process.

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Analytical Test Services

The Koppers Global Technical team collectively has more than 170 years of coal tar experience. Testing follows strict ASTM/AWPA/ISO testing protocols and adheres to an ISO 9000 certified quality management system with over 1,000 samples processed annually.

In addition to Carbon Anode Testing, our Global Technical Center is capable of providing comprehensive testing of raw materials, intermediates and finished products.

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