Koppers Reports Achievements in Safety, Sustainability and Financial Performance

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Whether customer, contractor, supplier, or partner, the following resource archive is here to provide you a wealth of Koppers information—from safety data sheets and product stewardship documents to sustainability reports and more. Browse the information below and get to know our company and commitments on a deeper level.
2024 LETD Scholarship Materials
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Product Stewardship
Sustainability Report Archive
Browse by year to see how our sustainability efforts have evolved over time. Or simply start with the latest report—it'll give you the latest and most up-to-date picture of the work we do to Protect What Matters and Preserve the Future.
Safety Data Sheets
Koppers follows all state and federal regulations in regard to providing product information via Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Safety Data Sheets are available for all Koppers products.
IMPORTANT! Before you may access the Safety Data Sheets you must read and agree to the following disclosure:
The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on this Web site contains health, safety and environmental information. They are not intended to replace the precautionary language, use, directions, or storage and disposal information which can be found on individual SDS and/or product labels.
If you print or download any SDS, label or other product information from this Web site, you may not obscure, amend, change or otherwise alter the language set forth in that SDS, label or other product information. Any SDS and product label information you find on this Web site reflects the current versions of those SDSs.
Use of certain of the products identified on this Web site may be regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) through approved label copy. It is a violation of federal law to use such products in a manner inconsistent with their labeling.
Regulatory requirements are subject to change and may differ from location to location. It is your responsibility to ensure that your activities are in compliance with all applicable laws.
By accessing the SDS, you agree to the restrictions on use listed above and further agree to abide by all health, safety and environmental precautions set forth in the SDS.
If you agree to these terms, as well as this web site's Terms of Use, incorporated herein by reference, indicate your assent by clicking I AGREE below. If you do not agree, you may not use the SDS.
Note: If you cannot download or print an SDS on this Web site, you should contact Koppers at (412) 227-2947 to request the current version of that SDS (Non-Emergency Requests).
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Koppers 2023 Annual Report

Learn about our financial performance, long-range goals, and growth strategy grounded in our values of People, Planet and Performance.