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Utility & Industrial

We are a leading global manufacturer of specialty pressure-treated wood products for the utility industry, playing a critical role in electrical and communications infrastructure.

Koppers' wood stacks

We strive to source sustainably harvested materials for products that help enable increased commerce and advance modern society.

These products include pressure-treated wood utility poles and crossarms as well as structural wood pilings used in deep foundation systems, along with heavy civil and marine construction projects.
Durable and decay-resistant, our treated wood products help increase safety and reduce replacement costs. At the same time, we help sequester carbon dioxide through preservation of existing forests.
Koppers Utility & Industrial Products
Our products serve a broad customer base, including investor-owned, cooperative, and municipal utility companies.
Utility Poles
As the largest American-owned manufacturer of utility poles, we play an integral role in maintaining our society’s electrical grid. By harvesting high-quality wood, grown in accordance with proper timber management procedures, and adhering to stringent industry standards, we provide exceptional, high-durability, treated poles expertly crafted to our customers' requirements.
We also specialize in 24/7 storm response, leveraging months of advanced planning and resources to ensure customers know exactly what to expect during a storm event. With our network of treating plants, reload yards, and re-manufacturing operations, we can confidently keep storms from jeopardizing production or flow of materials. Learn more.
Durable, reliable, and a cost-effective solution to service extension, our treated wood crossarms are available in both Southern Yellow Pine and Douglas Fir. These high-quality, dense fiber crossarms come in standard 8-foot and 10-foot lengths, as well as custom sizes ranging from 4 feet to 28 feet. Available in a variety of treatments, Koppers crossarms meet AWPA Category Standards for pressure treating. Learn more.
Pressure-treated and customized to the marine construction industry, Koppers pilings protect people and property against severe buffeting from wind and waves. Available in standard 10-foot to 75-foot stock lengths, or from six-foot to Class-B lengths, our pilings are treated per AWPA specifications for foundation or marine applications. Learn more.
Construction Supplies
Our experience producing and providing construction supplies for a range of industry applications gives our customers confidence that we can get the job done right. Supplies include crane, bridge, and barge mats in untreated oak, mixed hardwoods, or treated Southern Yellow Pine; float stages in Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine; lagging and trench boards; and bridge-protection boards. Learn more.

Utility Services

With full-service pole inspection and maintenance capabilities, the Koppers Utility Services team can develop a customized program for your needs.

Koppers Australia Wood Products

Suppliers of quality treated wood products to Australia and the Asia Pacific region, Koppers Australia produces treated timber sourced from sustainably managed hardwood and renewable pine.

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Wood Enhancement

Wood Enhancement  

Preservative technology for pressure-treated lumber used in building, remodeling, and more.



Pressure-treated wood serving the railroad industry.

Utility & Industrial

Utility & Industrial  

Pressure-treated wood for utility, foundation, and construction infrastructure.