Koppers Reports Achievements in Safety, Sustainability and Financial Performance

What We Do

We provide wood preservation technologies, carbon compounds, and services that support vital infrastructure around the world. But our actions, impact, and values dig much deeper than that.

Kopper employee holding a piece of wood

We work every day to balance the products and services we provide, the environmental footprint they leave behind, and the interests of the communities we serve.

Supporting critical infrastructure around the globe means enhancing the stability and durability of the structures our world depends on. From railroad crossties, utility poles, outdoor wooden structures, and enhanced carbon products, to expert services spanning repair, maintenance, and recovery, we offer a fully integrated suite of products and services.
We also know the world depends on us to operate responsibly. It’s why sustainability and our Zero Harm commitment to safety serve as the foundation for everything we do. By owning our responsibility and staying resilient in the face of an ever-changing tomorrow, we further the critical role we play each day in the safe transport of goods, access to power and digital connectivity, and creation of extraordinary outdoor spaces for individuals and communities everywhere to enjoy.
Treated wood in a warehouse

Koppers Vertical Integration

Our vertically integrated business model keeps our segments closely interconnected, united by wood preservation technologies across diverse markets. With this model, we're not overly dependent on any one segment—instead our balanced portfolio allows for surety of certain raw materials, value-chain flexibility, and the ability to optimize our network.

Koppers wood stacks


A global manufacturer of items essential to everyday life, our treated wood products help build and preserve critical railroad infrastructure for improved accessibility, streamlined operations, and efficient transportation of goods around the globe.

Bridge over water

Services under this segment include expert engineering, design, repair, and rehabilitation services for railroad bridge repair and replacement. Our recovery services also provide the railroad industry with integrated, environmentally friendly wood waste disposal solutions.

Two workers on a utility pole


Backed by our sustainability-first strategy and guided by unmatched industry expertise across the entire lifecycle, our utility products and services cover quality wood poles, cross arms, piling, and more. And as the largest utility pole manufacturer in the U.S., our customers include investor-owned groups, cooperatives, and municipal utility companies.

Utility poles

Our Utility Services team maintains poles, and our Recovery Solutions offer disposal options for materials at the end of their lifecycle, allowing us to serve customers at every stage in every aspect.

Environmental Footprint
Learn more about our commitment to taking care of our planet.
Fence made with Koppers' wood

Wood Enhancement

The Koppers Performance Chemicals team develops innovative wood-preservative and fire-retardant chemicals and technologies for decking, fencing, utility poles, and pressure-treated commercial construction lumber. We take pride in maintaining the beauty and safety of wood structures around the world through responsibly developed preservatives.

Wood deck over water

In addition to helping create and preserve beautiful outdoor spaces for people and communities around the globe to enjoy, our Performance Chemicals team also offers expert chemical engineering services and technical guidance to customers in more than 70 countries.

Woman working in a lab

Carbon & Coating Solutions

Koppers develops and provides chemicals essential to the operation and success of manufacturers everywhere. By repurposing waste generated from other industries into critical components, we support and drive the production of aluminum, steel, plastics, resins, treated wood, and rubber products that are used every day.

Laboratory carbons

Our carbon products include carbon pitch, creosote, naphthalene, and phthalic anhydride—all of which support markets vital to our today and tomorrow, including electric vehicles, batteries, windmills, and more.