Koppers Highlights Sustainability Achievements Including Notable Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Who We Are

Transforming and protecting global infrastructure with industry-leading products and sustainability-focused services is what we do—but who we are is so much more.

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Treating people the right way, taking care of our planet, and balancing results with impact—at Koppers, these are the values that define us.

With our purpose of “Protecting What Matters and Preserving The Future,” we feel a special sense of responsibility to not only uphold these values every day, but also to use them as a barometer in every decision we make. We believe this is how we earn the right to remain in business now and for years to come.
We make sustainable products that meet our customers’ most-pressing demands, solve their most complex challenges, and contribute to the performance and preservation of infrastructure around the globe. Through this work of creating safe, environmentally responsible solutions, we honor both our roots in sustainability and assert ourselves as leaders in the industry.
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Our Story

Our company dates back to the early 1900s, when German engineer, Heinrich Koppers, put himself at the forefront of sustainability by creating a new kind of coke-oven furnace that recovered byproducts for other uses rather than releasing them into the atmosphere. More than a century later, we're still driven by a duty to do right by our planet.

Koppers' building in Pittsburgh

What started as a Pittsburgh-based company more than 100 years ago has since grown to span several continents. While we’re proud to continue to call Pittsburgh our home base, our international network has locations in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Environmental Footprint
Learn more about our commitment to taking care of our planet.
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The Koppers of Today

As modern masters of global infrastructure, trusted leaders, and industry advisors, the scope and impact of our work have grown exponentially over the years. By staying resilient and keeping an open mind in the face of change, we have adapted to the needs of an ever-changing world—both in the products we provide and services we offer.

Koppers employees in hard hats

We remain rooted in the sustainability beliefs that gave our business its start. By continually assessing our products and services, balanced with considering the footprint we leave behind, our company will not only endure, but thrive. Every day, we own our social responsibility to impact the world for the better.