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Recovery & Reuse

Our business was built on the idea of repurposing end-of-life treated wood materials for new uses and value—a foundation of circularity that continues to drive us today.

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We provide sustainable, safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement end-of-life solutions for treated lumber.

By serving our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of a pole or crosstie—from delivery and usage to maintenance, recovery, and repurposing—we help our customers achieve significant savings in new pole and end-of-life material pricing through efficient logistics services.
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Koppers Recovery Resources offers real-time data analysis and logistics management. Our circular solutions and vertical business model support every part of the railroad crosstie lifecycle—from sourcing, treating, and supplying to proper end-of-life solutions.

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With sustainable, economical, and environmentally-friendly solutions for the collection and processing of scrap crossties for supplemental uses, we set ourselves apart with greater efficiency and productivity through faster railcar placement, rapid loading of scrap ties, and railcar management, from field to processing plant.

Utility poles

Utility Poles

We provide our utility customers with several ways to effectively and efficiently repurpose utility poles at the end of their service lifecycle.

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Railroad Structures

Railroad Structures  

Cost-effective repair and replacement methods with minimal traffic interruptions.

Utility Services

Utility Services  

Full-service installation, customized inspection, and utility infrastructure maintenance.

Recovery & Reuse

Recovery & Reuse  

Our recovery experts provide environmentally friendly end-of-life management options.