Koppers Reports Achievements in Safety, Sustainability and Financial Performance


Protecting what matters while preserving the future—guided by this purpose, the Koppers sustainability strategy focuses on three key pillars of people, planet, and performance.

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At Koppers, we are in service of something bigger than ourselves.

For us, sustainability is about operating our business in a way that ensures we are taking care of our people and communities, fostering an inclusive and innovative workplace, being a strong steward of the environment, and contributing beneficial products to society for generations to come. Doing the right things for the right reasons is the only true way we can earn the opportunity to continue providing value—in all its forms—to our employees and stakeholders.
Sustainability touches every part of our company and requires our constant attention. The global team at Koppers shares an unwavering commitment to our ongoing success as a profitable, responsible, and civic-minded organization everywhere we operate. We pledge to continue applying our best efforts as we step forward together toward a brighter future.
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Our People

Protecting people and communities while preserving our future.

At Koppers, we are committed to advancing our Zero Harm safety culture—providing secure and meaningful work to a diverse team of employees who feel included, engaged, and valued, while investing in and positively impacting communities where we live and work.

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Our Planet

Protecting infrastructure while preserving the environment.

We are driven by a desire to impact our world for the better. As we continue making strides towards a brighter future, improving upon the products and services we provide is as great a priority as minimizing the environmental footprint they ultimately leave behind. It’s how we continue to be a positive force for change.

Environmental Stewardship
Modernizing our infrastructure. Doing right by our people and planet.
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Our commitment to sustainability starts at the top.

At Koppers, our Leadership Team is responsible for overseeing business operations around the globe and embodies our dedication to caring for our people, our environment, and our communities.

Leadership Team
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Our Performance

Maximizing shareholder value while preserving stakeholder interests.

At Koppers, our performance is about exceeding expectations for employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders. As such, we continually seek to maximize value by operating profitably, transparently, sustainably, and with integrity.

Sustainability Reports

Our commitment to People, Planet, and Performance is fully demonstrated in our annual Sustainability Reports. Take a closer look at our environmental impact in detail.

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Employment Opportunities

Careers with Koppers

A global leader with a steadfast commitment to its people, Koppers provides career opportunities that allow our team members to learn, grow, and make an impact. Let’s transform our global infrastructure the right way, together.