Koppers Highlights Sustainability Achievements Including Notable Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Our Zero Harm Commitment

At the core of our culture, across all levels of our company, is a dedication that defines us—to place the health, safety, and well-being of our people, environment, and communities first in all we do.

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We believe that by placing the care and protection of our people, environment, and communities first, successful performance will undoubtedly follow.

We have the results to prove it, too. Since the implementation of our Zero Harm culture, we have reported measurable improvements in both safety and financial results year over year. And because we know a proactive approach is the only way to operate successfully in a dynamic environment, a Zero Harm foundation is the driving force behind our every action.
Keeping our people safe is crucial to the success of our business—but it doesn't end there. Our Zero Harm culture and commitment are key to upholding our responsibility to the environment and the communities in which we live and operate. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our world to do all we can to Protect What Matters and Preserve the Future.
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What does Zero Harm mean for Koppers employees?

Across our global network, Zero Harm starts at our facilities, which operate with above-and-beyond safety expectations. Add a culture rooted in treating one another with empathy and respect, and Zero Harm comes to life. We know the strongest workforce is one where we look out for each other—and our employees bring this commitment to life every day.

Koppers employees in hard hats

Our proactive approach includes behavioral training and incentives, process safety improvements, occupational health, Life Saving Rules, and more. Safety and well-being are embedded in everything we do—and our employees come to work knowing these elements are our top priority, with each and everyone of us acting as safety advocates.

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What does Zero Harm mean for Koppers customers?

Our Zero Harm commitment extends company-wide, from the executive levels to employees in the field—which is why we are trusted to operate with integrity, excellence, and transparency. And because our sustainability story dates back to our roots, customers can rest assured they are partnering with a company that places the planet and its people at the center of all we do.

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What does Zero Harm mean for Koppers communities?

We know how delicate the balance is between the products and services we provide and the environmental footprint they leave behind. It's why we count on innovative initiatives rooted in putting people first to make a difference every day—from local community partnerships to projects that rely on and benefit plant and animal life.

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What does Zero Harm mean to Koppers investors?

With demonstrable, simultaneous improvements in both safety performance and financial metrics, our Zero Harm pledge means the investment community can expect Koppers to be both socially responsible and financially successful. By dedicating resources to sustainability and product lifecycle circularity, we adapt to an ever-evolving world to ensure viability for generations.

Investor Relations

See how our commitment to transparency in reporting, disclosures, and governance provide investors with the opportunity to make informed decisions about the company.