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We are the largest provider of pressure-treated railroad crossties for Class I railroads in North America.

Our products ensure the safe, reliable movement of people and goods by rail.

Our wood treatment products not only help extend the lifespan of crossties by up to 40 years—they also help reduce deforestation, preserve natural carbon stores, and increase the overall reliability of wood products across various industries. Our product roster also includes bonded rail joints and track components for freight, transit, high-speed, and heavy haul needs. And, we offer railroad services, including engineering, design, repair, and inspection of railroad bridges within our North American Class I customer base.

Railroad Structures

We offer our railroad customers a single, trusted source for their bridge rehabilitation and inspection needs.

Koppers Railroad Products
Our products play an integral role in consumer travel and the transport of goods across North America.
Pressure-Treated Products
We provide high-quality, creosote-treated crossties and switch ties to the rail industry, offering the durability, dependability, efficiency, and compatibility needed to keep things moving safely and reliably.
Tie Pre-Plating
By automating our process and ensuring precision and cost-effectiveness, we help eliminate traditional railroad-tie plating inefficiencies. We customize our solutions to any railroad’s specifications, always ensuring accuracy and flexibility.
Track Panels
We produce pre-assembled rail strips up to 40 feet long to assist railroads during new construction or in emergency situations. We ensure measurement accuracy and precision, delivered efficiently and quickly.
Rail Joints & Track Components
We produce top-quality, customizable track components in multiple sizes, including bolted insulated, bonded, and standard, and offer several specific product options for each segment.

Recovery Resources

Our circular solutions and vertical business model manage every part of the rail-tie lifecycle—from sourcing, treating, and supplying to end of life management.

Our Products
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Wood Enhancement

Wood Enhancement  

Preservative technology for pressure-treated lumber used in building, remodeling, and more.



Pressure-treated wood serving the railroad industry.

Utility & Industrial

Utility & Industrial  

Pressure-treated wood for utility, foundation, and construction infrastructure.