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As modern masters of global infrastructure and seasoned industry advisors, our commitment to people, planet, and performance is the foundation for all we put forth.

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Global infrastructure is our heritage. Doing it the right way, for the right reasons, is our responsibility.

Our history in material transformation has helped us become the global infrastructure leaders and trusted advisors we are today. We see it as our duty to lead, implement, and continually advance our circular business model, environmentally responsible treatment and disposal methods, and forward-facing sustainability solutions—all of which play a part in the creation of a brighter future for our business, customers, and communities. Our belief in doing things the right way for the right reasons is what drives us to deliver high-value products and services to markets addressing global infrastructure demands.
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Who We Are

In 1912, German engineer Heinrich Koppers was at the forefront of sustainability, creating a new kind of coke oven that would recover key byproducts of coal tar, a key byproduct of the coke-making process, for new uses rather than being released into the atmosphere. Thus began a culture dedicated to evolving waste into essential products that support our shared global infrastructure.

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What We Do

As an integrated global provider of wood preservation technologies and carbon compounds primarily used for railroad crossties, utility poles, and outdoor wooden structures, we take pride in the critical role we play in enabling the safe transport of goods, keeping power and digital connectivity flowing, and creating spaces of enjoyment for people everywhere.

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Doing Business with Koppers

At Koppers, our customers, contractors, and suppliers each represent a vital link in our success. We are committed to working with partners who uphold our same belief in adhering to the highest ethical standards in our business operations. Please view and complete the associated documents if you are interested in doing business with Koppers.

Positioned to Drive Growth

We're executing on our Expand & Optimize strategy by delivering results, driving growth and creating sustainable value.

Hear Koppers leaders discuss our organization's continued progress and growth strategy by tuning in to the 2023 Investor Day webcast.

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Our Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Values
Transforming our global infrastructure the right way requires a powerful commitment—not just toward our products and services, but in the ideals and beliefs we uphold as a company every day.
Our Mission
To create safe and environmentally responsible products and solutions that solve our customers’ most important challenges and result in superior performance for shareholders.
Our Vision
​To be recognized as the standard bearer for safely delivering customer-focused solutions primarily through the development and application of technologies to enhance wood.
Our Purpose
Protecting What Matters. Preserving The Future.
This core commitment drives and influences all that we do—from the value we provide to our customers and industry to the sustainability and Zero Harm strategies we employ daily.
Our Values
We Value People: At Koppers, how you treat people matters.
We Value the Planet: At Koppers, taking care of our planet matters.
We Value Performance: At Koppers, results matter.

Our Zero Harm Commitment

We put the care of our employees, environment, and communities first through safety practices, product stewardship, and environmental responsibility.

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See how our commitment to transparency in reporting, disclosures, and governance delivers results and provides investors with the opportunity to make informed decisions about the company.