Koppers Highlights Sustainability Achievements Including Notable Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Utility Services

With deep industry expertise and a full range of inspection and maintenance services, we protect and preserve critical utility infrastructure around the globe.

Koppers' mark on a tree trunk

Allow us to handle every aspect of your utility infrastructure needs.

From wooden utility pole treatments and surface-mounted equipment maintenance, to substation inspections, data collection, joint-use assessments, and storm response, our team offers decades of experience and full-service capabilities to meet your direct needs.
Benefits of our utility pole service include prolonging structures' service life and reliability, minimizing failures or outages, optimizing the utility’s investment, and more efficient line-crew deployment.
Koppers employee treating utility poles

Pole Maintenance

With decades of experience treating utility poles with sustainability-based chemical solutions, our maintenance services encompass the full range of industry needs. These include trusted inspection techniques, remedial treatments, and other specialty services that help extend the service life of utility poles.

Electrical transformer

Padmount Equipment

Our full suite of inspection and repair services addresses the fading, rusting, pitting, and chalking that padmounted equipment—such as electrical transformers—can withstand over time from the elements. We help prolong the life of these crucial pieces of infrastructure and ensure their safe and proper operation.

Utility poles with Koppers' mark


Using our proprietary barcode-and-data management system, Koppers can quickly perform thorough inspections of substations—key elements in the transmission of electrical power—from generation to end users, and help our utility customers make confident and informed decisions on their operation.

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Railroad Structures

Railroad Structures  

Cost-effective repair and replacement methods with minimal traffic interruptions.

Utility Services

Utility Services  

Full-service installation, customized inspection, and utility infrastructure maintenance.

Recovery & Reuse

Recovery & Reuse  

Our recovery experts provide environmentally friendly end-of-life management options.