Protecting What Matters. Preserving The Future.

A message from our
Chief Sustainability Officer

Koppers aspires to be a leader in Sustainability through the ways we operate our business, care for our communities, and secure success for all our stakeholders. Sustainability is a journey we undertake with a steadfast commitment to—and belief in—our ability to create positive change. With a greater appreciation of Koppers place in the world, our decision-making going forward will be guided by a clear and unifying Purpose: To Protect What Matters and Preserve the Future.

Koppers has taken several significant steps this year to put this commitment into action and better integrate Sustainability throughout all parts of our organization. 

  1. Changing our Corporate Governance
    Transforming from the top, we added to the responsibilities of the Safety, Health and Environmental Committee of our Board of Directors and renamed it the Sustainability Committee to intentionally prioritize Sustainability concepts including climate change, resource protection, human rights, human dignity, and the promotion of inclusion and diversity. Koppers also established a Chief Sustainability Officer position, reporting directly to the CEO. It is my honor to serve in this new role, focused on Protecting What Matters and Preserving the Future while ensuring that the company’s strategy, policies and practices are consistent with its Sustainability goals.

  2. Conducting a Global Reporting Initiative Materiality Assessment
    To ensure our efforts have the most impact, Koppers conducted a materiality assessment using universally accepted practices as defined by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).  After extensive work with internal and external stakeholders, along with applying leading frameworks and guidance, we are prioritizing our most important Sustainability topics based on this vital assessment. We have shared the results with you in this report.

  3. Aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
    Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation, we will be announcing long-term, aspirational Sustainability goals that will focus our efforts and guide development of the necessary infrastructure to attain them. This process will connect our aspirational commitment to the daily work of our employees worldwide.

As we continue our Sustainability journey, we recognize that we are in the service of something bigger than ourselves. Protecting the things that matter in our world will help us preserve the future for generations to come.

In the spirit of collaboration, I invite you to read this report and contact us at to continue this important conversation. 

Thank you,

Leslie Hyde
Leslie Hyde
Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer