Protecting What Matters. Preserving The Future.

Our Response to COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, Koppers Purpose—Protecting What Matters, Preserving the Future—has never been more meaningful. As an essential business the company has taken significant and proactive actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aligned the business with key priorities:

Koppers is proud to do our part to keep railroads running safely to deliver critical shipments of food and other supplies, to keep homes and businesses powered by working to ensure light, heat and digital connectivity continue uninterrupted, and to serve construction markets with products to maintain critical infrastructure. The fact that Koppers has been designated as ‘essential,’ along with our customers and supply chain partners, has enabled our company to conduct business, operate at nearly full strength and provide necessary products and services during this unprecedented global challenge.

In addition to the information shared in this report, please see our latest News Releases, our Investor Relations page and social media accounts for our most recent updates.

Increasing Communication

In response to the pandemic, Koppers activated a strategic communications plan focused on key stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers, banking group and investment community.

“It is my hope that by providing more frequent dialogue, all stakeholders will have the most up-to-date information to inform their decision making,” said Leroy Ball, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Weekly CEO video messages are shared with employees on both internal channels and social media to reach the widest possible audience. To ensure safety and continuity of essential business operations, the company is in regular communication with customers, suppliers and local municipalities. The company also announced its intention to provide monthly updates to the investment community for the foreseeable future through a press release as well as a conference call and related webcast.

Employee Health and Well-being

Built on the foundation of the company’s Zero Harm philosophy, the company’s robust pandemic response included a wide range of measures to ensure safety and well-being of employees, while continuing to operate effectively. Actions taken at the company’s facilities include strong social distancing protocols, staggered shift starts and breaks, heavy disinfection procedures, identification of employees with COVID-19 symptoms or exposures and paid quarantine periods for identified employees. At Koppers office locations, employees began to work from remote locations prior to government requirements to do so. Koppers continues to monitor and assess science-based guidance from health agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization and uses their guidance to inform our response plans.

Community Support

Across the world, Koppers employees are rallying to make a difference in their local communities. A shining example is our facility at Stickney, Illinois, where employees donated desperately needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to a local hospital, including protective suits, gloves, safety glasses and more than 1,500 R-95 masks. The Koppers team also expanded their existing relationship with a local homeless shelter, helping to increase shelter capacity as a trusted community safe space and providing PPE for volunteers along with other essential supplies.   

Other highlights include:

“We are heartened and encouraged by Leroy and Koppers compassionate leadership,” said ULGP President and Chief Executive Officer Esther L. Bush. “Looking out for our most economically challenged fellow citizens not only helps our entire community remain healthier during this crisis, it's also another step toward the united, thriving Pittsburgh of the near future that we are all striving to bring into reality.”

“We are heartened and encouraged by Leroy and Koppers compassionate leadership.” – ULGP President and Chief Executive Officer Esther L. Bush