Koppers Holdings Inc. (NYSE: KOP), headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an integrated global provider of treated wood products, wood treatment chemicals and carbon compounds. We use our products and services in a variety of niche applications in a diverse range of end-markets, including the railroad, specialty chemical, utility, residential lumber, agriculture, aluminum, steel, rubber and construction industries. With more than 2,200 employees, we serve our customers through a comprehensive global manufacturing and distribution network, with facilities located in North America, South America, Australasia, China and Europe.

Mission: Creating safe and environmentally responsible solutions that solve our customers’ most important challenges and result in superior performance for shareholders.

Vision: To be recognized as the standard bearer for safely delivering customer focused solutions primarily through the development and application of technologies to enhance wood.

Values: Accountability, Customer Focus, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Simplicity, Sustainability, Teamwork and Transparency drive our overarching Zero Harm / Zero Waste culture.

2018 Financial Performance and Highlights

Consolidated sales of $1.710 billion represented the highest level of revenues in the history of the company, an increase of $234.7 million, or 15.9 percent, as compared to $1.476 billion in the prior year. Excluding sales related to acquired businesses, consolidated sales increased by $72.3 million or 4.9 percent.

* Please see reconciliation to Net Income.

Koppers made two acquisitions in 2018 which helped to position the company for future success. In February 2018, we acquired M.A. Energy Resources, LLC, a business related to the recovery of used crossties, which was renamed Koppers Recovery Resources LLC. In April 2018, the company re-entered the North American utility pole market with the acquisition of Cox Industries, Inc., now named Koppers Utility and Industrial Products Inc. Both of these businesses are financially reported under the Railroad and Utility Product and Services business segment. Read more about how these acquisitions support our business in the Circular Economy section of this website.

Governance & Ethics

Koppers corporate governance structure is designed to assure accountability to our stakeholders and to make certain that we conduct business in a responsible, ethical way.

With facilities across the globe, we understand the myriad of impacts our operations can have. Our comprehensive Code of Conduct, available with other policies in the Corporate Governance section of the Investors Relations page on our website, fully details the expectations and requirements we have as an organization for our employees. Reinforced by our company values, the Code of Conduct applies to all areas of our operations, whether we’re engaging in peer-to-peer interactions, working to comply with complex regulations, marketing our products, purchasing materials, creating new products, managing our finances or interacting with our communities.

Our Board of Directors is broadly responsible for contributing to the strategic direction and oversight of the company. There are five board committees, including: Audit; Nominating and Corporate Governance; Management Development and Compensation; Strategy and Risk; and Safety, Health and Environmental.

Among their duties and responsibilities, the Board ensures the legal, ethical and socially responsible behavior of the company, such as developing effective performance measurement systems, reviewing the company's long-term strategy and overseeing risk management processes. Detailed information about the Board’s committees and responsibilities can be found in the Investor Relations sections of the company’s website.

As stewards of Koppers corporate governance and overall performance, Board members communicate with our shareholders and other stakeholders through financial reports, proxy statements, periodic filings and similar reports. The Koppers Senior Management Team is responsible for directing the development and implementation of the company's strategic plan, and business operations around the globe. These executive leaders establish and maintain Koppers commitment to ethics, integrity, fiscal responsibility, growth and sustainability.

Safety, Health and Environmental Committee

The Board’s Safety, Health and Environmental Committee assesses the company’s safety, health, environmental, security and sustainability policies, programs and initiatives in accordance with Responsible Care principles; provides oversight of matters relating to improving or enhancing the company’s global corporate stewardship and practices of conscientious corporate social responsibility and product safety.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging our customers, employees, suppliers, investors, regulators and communities provides us with the input we need to inform our business strategy. Our commitment to Zero Harm / Zero Waste involves working with our stakeholders – both internally and externally – to understand their perspectives about our operations and the issues important to them.

We strive to remain proactive in evaluating and addressing community needs in the areas where we operate. Many of our locations have made strong connections with local community members who engage with Koppers representatives on a variety of issues. These relationships offer a forum for our people to share facility information and also address any questions, observations, concerns and ideas voiced by our community members.

On a regular basis, the personnel at our facilities coordinate and participate in emergency planning and response activities with local police and fire departments that simulate emergency situations, such as a hazardous materials spill or fire. These drills are practical ways to ensure our facilities remain prepared to respond safely and effectively should a serious event occur.

We stay on top of potential and emerging regulations and compliance standards regarding chemical management. We strive to understand all potential hazards associated with the chemicals we use, so we may share this information with our suppliers, customers, employees, community members and other interested stakeholders.

In addition to our local stakeholder engagement, Koppers is active across several industry associations. Through our involvement, we stay attuned to the perspectives of key audiences such as regulators and product safety groups. We also use these platforms to engage with our industry peers to share and promote best safety and sustainability practices across our industry.

In 2018, Koppers and the company’s employees were active among the following organizations:

Koppers clearly articulates all policies and expectations regarding stakeholder engagement in our Code of Conduct, available on our website.