Message from the CEO

At Koppers, making sure that no harm comes to our employees, our communities or the environment overall provides the foundation of our culture of Zero Harm. At the same time, we need to operate a successful business. In my mind, those ideas are mutually dependent. We believe that operating in a sustainable fashion – as our first priority, always – leads to success in the marketplace.

Our Zero Harm culture, which achieved important gains in 2016, is driven by employees placing everything they do within a personal framework. We are working every day to improve the way we conduct our work based on gauging how it could impact ourselves and others. These stakeholders include co-workers, nearby residents and businesses, or those depending on the same air, water, and earth we all share.

When we see that we can achieve Zero Harm on one day, why not on the next day, as well, and the day after that, until it becomes a sustainable pattern? Zero Waste focuses on operating as efficiently as possible, regarding our use of resources and the byproducts of our production processes, with the same mindset behind it as Zero Harm.

We understand and appreciate that society expects companies like Koppers to perform with these standards as guidelines. We also know that society’s expectations are constantly evolving, becoming higher, more demanding. We welcome these elevated expectations, and we are making strides to anticipate and exceed them. It remains a continuous process, one in which our efforts can never cease.

Our progress is detailed in the 2016 Sustainability Report, available on our website. We invite you to take a look at what the people of Koppers around the world have achieved over the past year, and to join us in an active dialogue with your suggestions and observations.

Sustainability never stops, and neither will our focus on addressing it across all our locations, with every employee, and with the people and organizations that we impact and serve. The unending pursuit of Zero Harm touches us all.




Leroy Ball Signature

Leroy M. Ball
President and Chief Executive Officer
Koppers Inc.