We are Koppers – an integrated global provider of treated wood products, wood treatment chemicals and carbon compounds, as manufactured and delivered by three primary businesses: Performance Chemicals (PC), Railroad and Utility Products & Services (RUPS), and Carbon Materials & Chemicals (CMC).

Our Mission

Creating safe and environmentally responsible solutions that solve our customers’ most important challenges and result in superior performance for shareholders.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the standard bearer for safely delivering customer focused solutions primarily through the development and application of technologies to enhance wood.

Our Values

Our values help guide us in managing risk, ensuring accountability to key stakeholders and securing competitive advantage.

  • Accountability
  • Customer Focus
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency

Our Culture

We think, plan, and operate in a culture of Zero Harm, meaning that the company always places the safety and health of its employees, environment and communities first, as driven by our Values.

Commitment to Responsible Care®

Koppers supports and adheres to the principles of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative, a voluntary industry program that requires members to implement best practices to manage environmental impacts, health, safety and security. In 2016 as part of its Responsible Care efforts, Koppers incorporated the Process Safety Code and the Product Safety Code – two programs that expanded the company’s demonstrated dedication to a comprehensive safety culture.

The Business We’re In

By extending the life of wood products, Koppers protects them from fungal, termite and other pest attacks, extending the life of those products by up to 40 years. Untreated wood, by comparison, may last less than five years before needing to be replaced. Use of longer-life preserved wood reduces pressure on timber resources, reducing the need to cut timber by a factor of 10. Plus, the manufacture of alternative building and construction materials has typically harsher effects on sustainability than treated wood.

Operating According to Accepted Standards

Zero Harm finds its starting point in Koppers’ Safety, Health and Environmental policy. This is where our stringent company wide standards establishing requirements and expectations are documented. At Koppers we go beyond what is required by transforming obligatory compliance into personal commitment, which includes engaging stakeholders such as employees, neighbors, community-based organizations, our managers and leadership team, members of our Board of Directors, and our shareholders, in the effort. Keeping these groups informed of our efforts and results, offering opportunities for dialogue and input, and taking their questions, ideas, and concerns into consideration as we strive to continuously improve our efforts, all contribute to the Zero Harm foundation of our business.

The Koppers SHE policy calls for:

  • Compliance with all applicable safety, health, environmental, and security laws, regulations and other requirements;
  • Pollution prevention in order to preserve the environment for future generations;
  • Protection of people through product, process, and safety risk management;
  • Continuous improvement in safety, health, environmental, and security performance; and
  • Greater stakeholder communication on business operations and risks.

Koppers continues to make progress on an intentional, strategic restructuring of its manufacturing footprint to transition the business from a pitch-centric company serving the aluminum industry to a company focused on solving our customers most challenging problems in wood. A notable and environmentally beneficial byproduct of this strategy comes in a favorable reduction in greenhouse gases achieved in 2016.