Fostering Shared
Economic Benefits

The true priorities of an organization can be seen where it invests dollars, resources, and people. The Koppers belief in sustainability demonstrates this principle across a number of platforms. Zero Harm comes into play here, as well, in the sense that Koppers remains keenly aware of how its presence affects local and regional economies, along with its shareholders and the investment community. When we live every day by practicing a Zero Harm mentality, it can lead to better operational performance, improved cost efficiency, and solid economic performance.

Koppers provided more than $140 million in salary and wages to its employees worldwide in 2016. The cumulative impact on state and local municipalities in the U.S. through taxes paid by employees and the company totaled $3.7 million in 2016, helping to support basic community services, including maintenance, law enforcement, recreational facilities, and more. Koppers also has a significant impact on local economies through employee salaries used to stimulate regional economies, as well as providing a market for related support businesses.

The financial contribution Koppers makes toward local organizations to improve quality of life for area residents, including the support of the arts, sports, and charitable services, totaled more than $600,000 in 2016.

Lastly, Koppers invested more than $6 million in 2016 for research and development of safer, more environmentally sound products and processes.