Message from the CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer Leroy Ball

Throughout our history, Koppers has actively evolved our management approach in order to thrive in a changing business environment. This year marks a particularly important milestone along that journey.

We are transforming from being the global leader in carbon pitch production to a company that aspires to be recognized as the standard bearer for safely delivering customer focused solutions primarily through the development and application of technologies to enhance wood. When I visit our facilities around the world, I am inspired by the ways in which our employees are already embedding this vision in their day-to-day work.

As reflected in our updated mission statement, we are also moving our company's culture from one of compliance to commitment. Our Zero Harm commitment, which we embarked upon early last year, is a bold approach to health, safety and environmental responsibility. Zero Harm represents our belief that we can run our business without accidents or injuries impacting any of our employees, environment or communities. I am personally championing this initiative to change the way our employees think about safety.

We are also raising the bar for how we interact with the environment and our communities. Through our employees' diligent and committed efforts, in 2015 we achieved Responsible Care® certification at 18 of our facilities and our corporate headquarters, a testament to our commitment to Zero Harm.

Accomplishing major change requires belief, commitment and focused effort. As illustrated in this Sustainability Report, the people of Koppers have begun—and pledge to continue—this journey toward business success, balanced with a clearly demonstrated dedication to the safety and quality of life of our employees and neighbors.


Leroy Ball Signature

Leroy M. Ball
President and Chief Executive Officer
Koppers Inc.