Success in international expansion and addressing market challenges relies on being able to work together effectively. Koppers therefore invests significant resources in human resources management, employee engagement and communication, placing high value on activities like global meetings and training sessions to strengthen internal cohesion and promote a collaborative and inclusive work environment across all international locations.

Managing Koppers Talent

A Human Resources Information System, implemented in 2013, provides managers with both past and current employee performance while also tracking retention, turnover and demographics. With this data, management can identify talent earlier and more accurately in order to encourage, train and promote the people needed to move forward. In 2015, new self-service modules were added to payroll and benefits systems, giving employees the ability to view and edit their payroll and benefits information online.

2015 also saw the first annual employee engagement survey, with more than 65 percent of employees providing feedback, a notably high rate of participation. Survey findings have been shared with employees, as plans to address areas of high interest to employees continue. The engagement survey will be conducted annually, with findings used to improve employee engagement, development and overall job satisfaction.

Recognizing employees' desire for more flexible work arrangements, Koppers launched KFlex, a program to foster a culture of flexibility and support across the organization. Under KFlex, employees have the option to work with their managers to create individualized flexible work arrangements, including flexible working hours and occasionally working from home.

Workforce by Region 2015 2014 2013 2012
North America 1,480 1,482 1,084 1,166
Europe 254 262 230 231
Australia 184 197 164 164
South America 16 20
China 184 187 111 99
Total 2,118 2,148 1,589 1,660