Approach to Product Responsibility

Koppers provides its customers with products that can be used safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations, adhering to applicable quality standards and to the ISO 14001 standards in the production and disposal of products. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide information on product composition, properties, safety precautions, environmental impact, and other data.

Koppers remains committed to working with regulators, industry groups and suppliers to meet regulatory requirements, and contracts with an external party to provide customers with emergency response support.

Ride-Tight® Program

Launched in Koppers North American facilities in March 2013, the Ride-Tight® proactive safety initiative addresses the proper closure and sealing of chemical-transporting railcars. The goal of the program is to reduce and preferably eliminate the unintentional release of hazardous materials during transport.

Training classes with employees at all Koppers North American facilities have been held, and in 2015 Koppers Performance Chemicals joined the program. Information learned in these classes also has been shared with customers. A new railcar checklist that expands upon Ride-Tight® principles is already producing significant improvements. In 2016, Koppers plans to apply lessons learned from the Ride-Tight® railcar program to its fleet of tank trucks, as well as to improve the storage of chemicals in our facilities.

Koppers Honored with Transportation Safety Awards

Koppers is recognized annually by several major North American railroads for its outstanding transportation safety record. Koppers received awards from the BNSF Railway, Canadian National Railway, and Union Pacific Railroad for excellence in chemical transportation safety performance in 2015.

Koppers was also awarded the Non-Accident Release Grand Slam Award from the Association of American Railroads (AAR) for exemplary shipping of hazardous materials in 2014. Award winners must be recognized by at least four Class I railroads and have had zero non-accident releases involving their shipments the previous calendar year.1