Safety, Health, and
Environmental Stewardship

Achieving excellence in Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) performance is vital for building a solid future for our company and meeting the rising performance expectations of regulators, customers, communities and investors.

Koppers Safety, Health, and Environmental Policy

The Koppers SHE policy requires all Koppers employees to consider the impact of our actions on the safety and health of people and on the environment. All of our business decisions are guided by this policy, which includes:

  • Compliance with all applicable safety, health, environmental and security laws, regulations, and other requirements to which Koppers subscribes;
  • Pollution prevention in order to preserve the environment for the health, productivity and enjoyment of future generations;
  • Protection of people through the management of product, process and other safety risks;
  • Continuous improvement of our safety, health, environmental, and security systems and performance; and
  • Communication regarding our business operations and potential risks, both internally and externally, to promote openness with our stakeholders.

We have established ISO 14001-compliant policies, processes, and procedures that start from the premise that full compliance with all applicable legal requirements is the minimum level of performance. Each year, managers from across Koppers global operations convene at our annual SHE Conference to share best practices, set goals, and receive training on current issues.