Product Responsibility
and Innovation

Responsible Care Implementation

At Koppers, we focus on providing excellent product quality, safety and reliability. In 2014, we continued our roll-out of Responsible Care® across the company’s global operations. Developed by the chemical industry in the mid-1980s, Responsible Care® is a large-scale performance initiative that seeks to improve chemical companies’ product stewardship, safety, and disclosure activities through an integrated management and performance platform.

Responsible Care® will impact all facets of the company and inform our interactions with value-chain partners. As a model of our safety, health, and sustainability goals, Responsible Care® represents a significant commitment by senior management to drive product and process improvements, raise industry standards, and foster growth.

We completed initial implementation in 2014 and will begin audits and certification in 2015. We are especially proud of employees’ efforts to reach out to commercial partners and communicate Responsible Care® principles. We have connected with vendors, transportation partners and others to communicate how to mitigate risks and safely manage the chemicals and products we manufacture.

We also began implementing the Responsible Care® Product Safety Code by taking the following steps:

  • Demonstrating a leadership commitment, by setting and communicating our product safety policies and programs, establishing targets, and incorporating this information into facility-level strategic planning.
  • Developing a product safety organizational model, defining roles, creating training programs, setting governance reviews, and measuring against business-specific goals.
  • Prioritizing products to determine which warrant the most detailed risk assessments, utilizing stakeholder input and American Chemistry Council® (ACC) tools.

We will now move into the Information and Safety Management phase of the Responsible Care® Product Safety Code to deepen our understanding of risks and better manage for product safety.

Koppers signed the Responsible Care® Global Charter in early 2015, further committing ourselves to strengthening the program worldwide.

More information regarding Responsible Care® can be found on the ACC website.