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The People of Koppers



The values that guide an organization and differentiate it from all others can be found in its people. The people of Koppers bring our corporate values of excellence, respect, integrity and leadership to life every day at our facilities and offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Many of our operations around the world are located in small communities where we are a major employer, and the 2,000 individuals who work for Koppers also live in these communities, so our employees understand that success for the organization means success for their family, friends and community.

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Corporate Governance and Senior Leadership

Koppers corporate governance structure is designed to assure accountability to its stakeholders and to make certain that business is conducted in a responsible, ethical way.

Our Board of Directors is broadly responsible for contributing to the strategic direction and oversight of the company and consists of seven independent directors, as well as the Chairman and Koppers Chief Executive Officer, and four board committees, including: Audit, Nominating and Corporate Governance, Management Development and Compensation, Safety, Health and Environmental.

Among the Board's duties and responsibilities are matters of ensuring the legal, ethical and socially responsible behavior of the company; developing effective performance measurement systems; reviewing the company's long-term strategy; and overseeing risk management processes. A more detailed listing of the Board's responsibilities can be found in the Koppers Corporate Governance Guidelines.

As stewards of Koppers financial affairs and performance, the Board members communicate with shareholders and other stakeholders through financial reports, proxy statements and periodic filings.

Koppers Senior Management Team is responsible for directing the development and implementation of the company's strategic plan, and business operations around the globe.

As a leadership team, Koppers Senior Managers establish and maintain the organization's high level of ethics, integrity, fiscal responsibility, growth, and commitment to sustainability.

Koppers managers at every level contribute to where Koppers is headed as a company. They are also keenly aware of where their employees are headed, individually and collectively; and help guide them so that they can best use their talents in helping Koppers achieve its objectives.





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