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Doing Things the Right Way...

for our customers, our employees, our communities, our shareholders, our suppliers and contractors, our regulators, and our environment. That's the Koppers approach to sustainability.

As a leader in the production of materials used to enhance and modernize the world's infrastructures, our business, as well as our employees, facilities, and customers, are rooted in the mature economies of North America, Western Europe and Australia. We are steadily increasing our exposure in the emerging markets of South Amercica, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

We face the same challenges as many other global companies: full compliance with all regulatory agencies, efficient operations in countries with differing economic conditions, maintenance of our high quality standards, and alignment of the efforts of a workforce on multiple continents.

Sustainability and Strategic Priorities

Over the past two years, Koppers Board of Directors and senior management team started to identify, evaluate, and prioritize the organization's key sustainability issues. Concurrently, the organization's Strategic Priorities were being identified through the development of our long-term business strategy, and those priorities align with the identified sustainability issues.

By addressing the economic, environmental, social, and governance issues that are of the highest concern to our stakeholders and our company, Koppers can achieve success today and build the foundation for the successes of tomorrow.

Koppers Key Sustainability Issues

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Management
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Community Engagement
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Relations and Product Stewardship
  • Global Competitiveness

Koppers Strategic Priorities

Develop, Deploy and Engage Our People: We will attract, retain, and appropriately utilize an engaged workforce that has the knowledge, skills, and desire required to support Koppers business goals.

Safe and Healthy Workplace: We will foster leadership, employee engagement, cooperation, and information-sharing among all parties in order to proactively identify and address risks and create and maintain a safe workplace.

Operational Excellence: We will implement business practices that result in modern, efficient, cost-effective facilities, and optimize all functional areas and practices.

Exemplify Corporate Citizenship: We will operate ethically and responsibly while valuing the social, economic, and environmental standards of our communities.

Grow Target Markets: We will profitably grow target markets identified in Koppers business strategy.

Serve Customers Exceptionally: We will serve our customers with unsurpassed personal attention by providing quality products and services.

Maximize Shareholder Value: We will act appropriately in order to increase long-term total shareholder return.

Safety, Health and Environment

Safety, health and environmental (SHE) stewardship is a crucial principle at Koppers and all employees are expected to make SHE performance a priority.

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Safety Data Sheets

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Koppers Cares about Communities

Koppers facilities around the world are key contributors to local economies and in many instances, we are a major employer in the area. 

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Environmental Management and Certifications

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Product Stewardship

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Sustainability Report Archive

View and download past Kopper’s Corporate Sustainability Reports.

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