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Safety, Health and Environment


Safety, Health and Environment

Safety, health and environmental (SHE) stewardship is a crucial principle at Koppers and all employees are expected to make excellence in SHE performance a priority. Only by achieving excellence in SHE performance can we build a solid future for our company and meet the rising performance expectations of regulators, customers, communities, and investors.

Across Koppers operations, each employee is provided with guidance about how they can individually contribute to SHE stewardship. We have established a comprehensive set of management systems, processes and procedures that clearly outline our SHE policy, expectations, roles and responsibilities, starting with the basic premise that full compliance with all applicable legal requirements is the minimum level of performance.

Koppers Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

Koppers SHE Policy is the commitment to:

  • Compliance with all applicable safety, health, environmental, and security laws, regulations, and other requirements to which Koppers subscribes;
  • Pollution prevention in order to preserve the environment for the health, productivity and enjoyment of future generations;
  • Protection of people through the management of product, process and other safety risks;
  • Continuous improvement of our safety, health, environmental, and security systems and performance;
  • Communication regarding our business operations and potential risks, both internally and externally to promote openness with our stakeholders.

Consumer Information Sheets (CIS)

These Consumer Information Sheets are not meant to replace the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the pressure-treated wood preservatives listed below. The SDS should be read in its entirety before handling any pressure-treated wood product.

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