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Product Stewardship


Product Stewardship

Responsible Care

Koppers commitment to product safety and environmental sustainability is exemplified in our dedication to Responsible Care®, a hallmark initiative of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) to develop and promote best practices across the global chemical producing community. As a member of the ACC, Koppers values and supports Responsible Care’s principles for safe, secure and sustainable development.

Koppers global product strategy is directly linked to our dedication to operational safety and proper chemical management throughout the products’ life cycle. Our Zero Harm culture places the care of our employees, our communities and the environment as our highest priority. Responsible Care and Zero Harm are managed through the following initiatives:

  • A global management system that delivers excellence in product stewardship and meets local, regional and business specific requirements and standards.

  • Hazard identification for identifying and understanding hazards.   

  • Risk-based processes for identifying, understanding, prioritizing concerns and managing chemicals in commerce.

  • Risk reduction measures, including limitations on use.  

  • A transparent flow of information throughout the supply chain (e.g., suppliers, manufactures, customers, carriers, etc.), so risks are understood and managed and meaningful, relevant information is provided to their respective stakeholders.

  • Public availability of hazard, exposure and risk information.

Koppers practices are constantly evolving and are emblematic of our dedication to the health and safety of our world’s citizens and ecosystems. We believe in transparency and strive to learn from the most current and comprehensive product stewardship information practices.

To learn more, visit the ACC’s webpage on Responsible Care and its Responsible Care fact sheet [PDF] as well as the ICCA’s Responsible Care history and FAQs.


REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) was introduced in 2006 by the European Union to regulate chemical substances and to encourage the chemical industry to educate the public regarding all specific properties of chemical substances. The legislation addresses each stage of chemical production and implementation and the impact of approximately 143,000 chemicals, including substances of very high concern (SVHC) on the planet’s citizens and environment.

Managed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), REACH adoption is required for all chemicals produced in or imported into the European Union.

Additionally, learn more about the European Chemicals Agency and REACH.


Koppers has adopted the United Nations Economic Commission recommendations for GHS compliance and supports its adoption globally. Our commitment to GHS ensures that the quality products we develop and deliver provide safe, responsible options for the growing needs of our international community.

To learn more the historical background of GHS and global adoption of GHS, visit the UNECE website.