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Pitch Programs

Pitch Programs


The development of alternative pitches that can be used in traditional and new markets is an active program at the Harmarville Technical Center.

The Harmarville Technical Center is developing High Softening Point Pitches (HSPP) that have unique properties that can aid in the improvement of the properties or processing of friction materials and rubber products. Koppers produces HSPP at its Follansbee, West Virgina plant, which allows it to produce large quantities for customer testing and evaluation.

The Harmarville Technical Center staff continues to search for new sales opportunities using its experience and technology to help prospective customers fully understand the potential and benefits of these pitches.

Some of the current projects include: 

  • QI content adjustment 
  • Environmentally friendly pitches 
  • Higher softening point pitches

For more information, call the Harmarville Technical Center at 412-826-3970.