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For additional information on product offerings, technical support, product pricing, or any other questions, please contact via telephone or e-mail.

European Operations

Koppers International BV
Molenlaan 55
1422 XN Uithoorn
The Netherlands

Tel: + 31  297 545 544

Mart Lutz  
Manager, Commercial and Logistics


North American Operations

Koppers Inc.
436 Seventh Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA USA 

Tel: 412-227-2532
Fax: 412-227-1650

Stephanie Javorski
Director, Sales and Global Market Development 


Chinese Operations

Koppers Carbon & Chemical Co. Ltd.
Teda MSD, No. 79
1st Avenue
Binhai New Area, Tianjin, P.R.
China 300457

Eric Wei - Domestic Markets
Assistant General Manager
Koppers Carbon & Chemical Co. Ltd.

Richard Lyons - Export Markets 
Vice President, Asia and Middle East
Marketing and Sales


Technical Support

Koppers Inc
Koppers Global Technology Center
1005 William Pitt Way
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Telephone: 412-826-3970
Fax: 412-826-3999

Contact for technical questions:
Stacey McKinney at