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Koppers Australia Safety, Health and Environment

Safety, Health and Environment

Koppers Australia is commited to providing a workplace free of injury, occupational illness and environmental harm for employees, service providers, visitors, and the general public.

Koppers has historically been able to achieve customer satisfaction and growth, while working within environmental regulations and safety requirements.

Employee, community and environmental safety are our strongest motivations for compliance.

Our Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Mayfield Facility

Environmental Protection License - Mayfield Facility

Mayfield Plant - Air Quality Assessments

Air quality assessments have been undertaken at the Mayfield Plant in New South Wales (NSW). These assessments have been undertaken to demonstrate compliance with the NSW Environment Protection Agency's criteria for benzene of 29 ug/m3, at and beyond the boundary of the plant.

For more information:

• Download the Mayfield Plant, Air Quality Assessments Factsheet

• Visit the NSW EPA website

• Download the Benzene and Human Health Factsheet (NSW Health)

• Download the Air Quality Impact Assesment Summary Report

Monitoring Data - Mayfield Facility