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Doing Business With Koppers

Doing Business with Koppers

Koppers vendors, contractors and suppliers are vital links in our sustainability chain.

Koppers is committed to implementing the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care at all of our locations and we ask companies wishing to do business with us to view and complete the appropriate documents that are available in this section to help move the business process foward.

Visitor Facility Access

Information for Suppliers

Koppers Inc. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Koppers Inc. Affidavit and Waiver of Lien


Information for Contractors 

Contractor Qualification Questionnaire (Jan 2021)

Koppers Inc. Contractor Safety Program

Koppers Inc. Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Contractors - Form M

All prospective contractors must undergo a prequalification screen with respect to Koppers Responsible Care program.  To begin the prequalification process please complete the Contractor Qualification Form in the link provided and forward it to koppurch@koppers.com. 


Information for Customers

Koppers Ashcroft Inc. Terms and Condition of Sale

Koppers Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale

Koppers International BV Terms and Conditions of Sale