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Carbon Testing

Carbon Testing

The team at Koppers Global Technology Center provides expertise in comprehensive testing and technical support services in:

  • Analytical testing of carbon raw materials
  • Microscopy services
  • Production and analyses of carbon pitch and anodes
  • Bench scale to commercial scale research and development

At the core of the Koppers Global Technology Center's resources is the ongoing research and development of improved carbon compounds and other chemical products. Our commitment to research and development provides innovative solutions to our aluminum, steel, chemical and rubber customers around the world.

In addition to our technical expertise, our Technology Center uses state-of-the-art chromatograpy, microscopy and spectroscopy equipment to meet our customers' testing and technical assistance needs. Koppers analytical testing of coal tar materials is vital to monitoring the chemical makeup of our products.

Microscopy Services

The Koppers Global Technology Center has on-site microscopy services and our team collaborates with customers to select carbon raw materials that fulfill end users' specifications and quality requirements. We provide quantitative and qualitative microscopic analyses and reports on a variety of carbon materials, including coal, metallurgical coke, petroleum coke, carbon pitch, and carbon black.