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Somerville Plant


Physical Location
Somerville, Texas

North America

Company Name
Somerville Plant

P.O. Box 189 Somerville
Highway 36 N. and Country Rd. 423
Somerville, Texas 77879 USA


979 596 1321
979 59 2719

Billy Newton
Plant Manager

The Somerville plant was constructed by Ayer and Lord in 1897 and treated by contract for the Santa Fe under the name of Texas Tie and Lumber Preserving Company (TT & LPC). In January 1905, the plant was purchased by the Santa Fe. TT& LPC operated the original Somerville plant until 1905. It was then dismantled in favor of a new facility built nearby. Operating under that name, the new plant began production in February 1906, and on December 2, 1912, the name was changed to Santa Fe Tie and Lumber Preserving Company. On June 2, 1950, the subsidiary was absorbed by the Santa Fe Railway and the name was dropped, and on March 21, 1995, Koppers purchased the plant.

Today, Somerville has four eight foot diameter 155 long treating cylinders.