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Newcastle Plant

Physical Location
Mayfield, New South Wales, Australia


Company Name
Newcastle Plant

PO Box 23
Woodstock Street
Mayfield, New South Wales 2304 Australia


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Nick Moretti

Operations Manager

Additional Contact Info

Community feedback & complaints: 1800 066 243
Business: 02 4968 7300
Media enquires: 0437 477 493
Outside Australia: +61 2 4968 7300


Koppers Newcastle beneficially reuses coal tar from Australian steelworks to produce coal tar pitch – an essential raw material for Australian aluminium smelters.

It also makes products for use in industries such as wood preservation, rubber products manufacturing and concrete additives for construction.

The plant employs nearly 60 local members of the Newcastle community and is the only local Australian supplier in the country. This makes it an important contributor to the local economy and to the national manufacturing sector.

Koppers takes its responsibility to the local community, employees, and the environment seriously. Its team works continually to improve environmental performance and strives to manage all products on site in a safe and responsible manner.

Koppers holds an Environment Protection Licence and is regulated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The Newcastle plant has operated successfully for 50 years and operates 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

In the 10 years to 2019, Koppers spent $19 million on capital works to improve the plant’s efficiency and environmental performance. Enhancements include:

  • more than $13 million on ongoing inspections, maintenance and refurbishments of its storage and production tanks
  • a $650,000 cooling tower upgrade to create a completely closed system to eliminate odours from treatment chemicals
  • a $2 million “leak free” upgrade of pumps and seals to eliminate potential sources of odour
  • a new $2 million two- stage fume treatment system where all scrubbed fume is also thermally oxidised and destroyed, further eliminating potential benzene sources and other odours (in progress - to be completed end 2019).

August 1, 2019 Media release: Koppers Newcastle acts on EPA audit to improve plant performance

August 29, 2019 Media release: Koppers commissions $1.5M thermal oxidation system to further eliminate odours and emissions

October 11, 2019 Media release: Koppers media release